DA028a: Total length: 437mm, Length of blade: 280mm, Weight: 555g.
DA028b: Total length: 525mm, Length of blade: 365mm, Weight: 615g.
DA028c: Total length: 582mm, Length of blade: 425mm, Weight: 640g.

Scabbards SC004, SC005.

Catalog NO.: DA028

16th century

Available variants:
VariantUnit Price
DA028a - dagger with black blade groove72 EUR
DA028a - dagger with polished blade groove82 EUR
DA028b - dagger with black blade groove78 EUR
DA028b - dagger with polished blade groove88 EUR
DA028c - dagger with black blade groove84 EUR
DA028c - dagger with polished blade groove94 EUR

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Unit price: 72 EUR
Total price: 72 EUR