About us

The Company

In the end of 1980s we have originaly started as a swordsmen and the actors of amateur theatre. That is why we had to produce some stage properties, costumes and the other equipment. Later, when we achieve some experiences and people started to like our products we decided to live on this kind of art. This period of our firm is situated in 1994. Since this time we have got through several production and mind periods.

After the long years of research and scientific investigation of original artwork, study of literature and technical publication we were able to produce replicas that can be really compared with the originals. The range of our activity is quite comprehesive. We produce the replicas for the swordsmen, production for the museum, collectors of decoration of period interier and also the production for the movies and theatres. For the first sight it could seems very simple but e.g. the sword for the swordsmen and the sword for the movie is diametrically different constructed. These swords only look similar and not always. At the end we would like to underline one more thing. We really enjoy the production of these replicas and that is not good only for us – it is good also for you – for our customers.

  • Filip Rygl - market and communication with the custommers