medieval quillon dagger

    polished fuller, wire handle, blade hardness: 48-50 HRC, blade steel: DIN 54 SiCr 6, hilt, tang: DIN Ck 55, blade width at the top: 30mm, one year guarantee for blade, data tolerance: +-3%  Scabbard-SCda001,002,003,004,
Catalog NO.: DA010

DA005a: Total length: 380mm, Length of blade: 230mm, Weight: 460g.
DA005b: Total length: 430mm, Length of blade: 280mm, Weight: 490g.
DA005c: Total length: 520mm, Length of blade: 365mm, Weight: 552g.
DA005d: Total length: 580mm, Length of blade: 425mm, Weight: 595g.

Price without scabbard

Thickness 5mm
14- 15th century

Available variants:
VariantUnit Price
DA010a with black blade groove72 EUR
DA010a with polished blade groove81 EUR
DA010b with black blade groove78 EUR
DA010b with polished blade groove88 EUR
DA010c with black blade groove84 EUR
DA010c with polished blade groove94 EUR
DA010d with black blade groove90 EUR
DA010d with polished blade groove100 EUR

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Unit price: 72 EUR
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