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Catalog NO.: DA051
Weight: 290g
Length of blade: 280mm
Total length: 400mm
104 EUR


coming soon

Catalog NO.: MA011
104 EUR

Bearded axe #2

wood colored by natural dye, conservated by the mixture of natural waxes,10th - 13th century, exact copy.

Catalog NO.: AX007
Weight: 1200g (2.6lbs)
Total length: handle length: 760mm (29.9"), axe width: 180mm (7.1")
104 EUR


Big axe. Click to window to history.

Catalog NO.: AX051
Weight: 2358g
Length of blade: 285mm
Total length: 1210mm
104 EUR


Total length: 455mm.
Length of blade: 330mm.
Weight: 430g.
Unfit for combat training. Sharp.
Scabbard SC001c.

Catalog NO.: DA022
104 EUR

Catalog NO.: DA059
Weight: 130g
Length of blade: 230mm
Total length: 360mm
104 EUR



Catalog NO.: PA051
Thickness 1 - 1.5mm
Weight: 1390g
104 EUR



Catalog NO.: PA052
Thickness 1 - 1.5mm
Weight: 1390g
104 EUR


(Price of couple)

Catalog NO.: PA008
Thickness 1,3mm
Weight: 1200g
104 EUR

Catalog NO.: DA050
Weight: 270g
Length of blade: 270mm
Total length: 395mm
111 EUR