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Catalog NO.: PA055
Thickness 1 - 1.5mm
Weight: 1710g
111 EUR

Norman with cross


Catalog NO.: HE011
Thickness 1.3mm - 1.5mm (app. 17 gauge)
Weight: 1200g, (2.6lbs)
Height: height of helmet only: 18cm (7'')
Rivets: (diameter): 6mm and 4mm, perimeter: 70cm (27.6''), nasal (thickness): 4mm, , size (left-right): 24cm (9.4''), size (front-back): 20cm (7.9''), lining included
111 EUR

War axe - Mammen

wood colored by natural dye, conservated by the mixture of natural waxes, viking axe, exact copy.

Catalog NO.: AX006
Weight: 1200g (2.6lbs)
Total length: handle length: 750mm (29.5"), axe width: 190mm (7.5")
111 EUR


Total length: 575mm.
Second half of the 15th century.

Catalog NO.: MA001
Weight: 2650g
111 EUR

Viking Saxe Knife

Scabbard SC002a, SC002b.

Catalog NO.: DA025
Weight: 640g
Length of blade: 440mm
Total length: 580mm
111 EUR

Parts of armor

( Price of couple )

Catalog NO.: PA002
Weight: 650g
111 EUR

Catalog NO.: SC030
116 EUR


Scabbards for swords with length of blade till 930mm.
Red, brown or black color.

Catalog NO.: SC032
116 EUR

Finger gauntlets

finger gauntlets, linked fingers, material: iron plate, movable lammellas connected via rivets, links of figers connected with leather stripes, leather stripes and lugs for carrying, can be carried with or without glove, fully usable for combat, supplied in pair.

Catalog NO.: GA003a
Thickness 1,3mm - 1,5mm
Weight: 850g ( 1 piece )
117 EUR

Pot type


Catalog NO.: HE004
Thickness 1.3mm - 1.5mm (app. 17 gauge)
Weight: 1700g (3.7lbs)
Height: 23,5cm (9.3")
Rivets: 4mm (diameter)
117 EUR