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Scabard for dagger
Catalog NO.: SCda081
89 EUR


DA034a: Total length: 380mm, Length of blade: 230mm, Weight: 445g.
DA034b: Total length: 430mm, Length of blade: 280mm, Weight: 488g.
DA034c: Total length: 520mm, Length of blade: 365mm, Weight: 556g.
DA034d: Total length: 580mm, Length of blade: 425mm, Weight: 580g.

Catalog NO.: DA034
90 EUR

Bearded axe

Big axe.

Catalog NO.: AX025
Weight: 1766g
Total length: 820mm
91 EUR


Double axe.

Catalog NO.: AX034
Weight: 2750g
Length of blade: 255mm, handle lenght 765mm
Total length: 855mm
91 EUR


Diameter of the sphere with spikes: 45mm.

Catalog NO.: MA006
Weight: 1535g
Total length: 710mm
91 EUR



Catalog NO.: AX040
Weight: 950g
Length of blade: 210mm, handle lenght 550mm
Total length: 550mm
91 EUR


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Catalog NO.: PA022
Thickness 1.5mm
Weight: 868g
91 EUR

Viking shield

Diameter: 60cm 
Plywood 12mm

Catalog NO.: SH002
Thickness ironplate 2mm
Weight: 3420g
91 EUR


Total length: 420mm
Length of blade: 290mm
Weigth: 480g
Targer dagger.
Unfit for combat training. Sharp.
Scabbard SC001b.

Catalog NO.: DA016
91 EUR


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Catalog NO.: AX010
Weight: 2005g
Length of blade: 195mm
Total length: 890mm
91 EUR