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Italian Sallet


Catalog NO.: HE055
Thickness 1,5mm
Weight: 1480g
143 EUR

Round shield

Diameter: 52cm (20.5")

Catalog NO.: SH006
Thickness 1,5mm
Weight: 2300g
150 EUR


Double axe.

Catalog NO.: AX046
Weight: 3450g
Length of blade: 365mm, handle lenght 920mm
Total length: 1030mm
150 EUR

Catalog NO.: DA061
Weight: 200g
Length of blade: 280mm
Total length: 420mm
150 EUR


Fine scabard with two belts for swords with maximal length of blade 820mm. 

Catalog NO.: SC031
150 EUR

Viking Saxe Long

Scabbard SC002c, SC002d.

Catalog NO.: DA026
Weight: 982g
Length of blade: 520mm
Total length: 730mm
150 EUR

Mitten gauntlets

mitten gauntlets, line border, material: iron plate, movable lammellas connected via rivets, leather stripes and lugs for carrying, can be carried with or without glove, fully usable for combat, supplied in pair.

Catalog NO.: GA002b
Thickness 1,3mm - 1,5mm
Weight: 800g ( 1 piece )
150 EUR

Catalog NO.: HE101
Weight: 2450g
156 EUR



Catalog NO.: HE046
156 EUR



Catalog NO.: DA046
156 EUR