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Catalog NO.: DA048
208 EUR

Gauntlet with elbow prot. (custom grade)

finger gauntlet with elbow protection, linked fingers, material: iron plate, movable lammellas connected via rivets, links of figers connected with leather stripes, leather stripes and lugs for carrying, can be carried with or without glove, fully usable for combat, supplied in pair.

Catalog NO.: GA004
Thickness 1,3mm - 1,5mm
Weight: 1350g, ( one piece )
208 EUR

1,5 hand sword


Catalog NO.: SW079
208 EUR



Catalog NO.: HE066
208 EUR

One hand sword
Catalog NO.: SW048
Weight: 984g
Length of blade: 685mm
Total length: 830mm
208 EUR

1,5 hand sword

Scabbards SC010ch, SC010i, SC011ch, SC011i, SC012a, SC012b, SC013ch, SC013i

Catalog NO.: SW053
Weight: 1690g
Length of blade: 890mm
Total length: 1150mm
208 EUR


(Price of couple)

Catalog NO.: PA005
Thickness 1.5mm
Weight: 1490g
208 EUR

Catalog NO.: DA066
Weight: 270g
Length of blade: 280mm
Total length: 410mm
208 EUR


data tolerance: +-3%
Scabbards SC010e, SC010f, SC011e, SC011f, SC013e, SC013f

Catalog NO.: SW038
Weight: weight: 1370g (3lbs)
Length of blade: 720mm (28.3")
Total length: 885mm (34.9")
208 EUR

1,5 hand sword

Scabbards SC010j, SC010k, SC011j, SC011k, SC012c, SC012d, SC013j, SC013k

Catalog NO.: SW046
Length of blade: 925mm
Total length: 1170mm
208 EUR