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Catalog NO.: SW064
234 EUR

Roman #2


Catalog NO.: HE017
Thickness 1.3mm - 1.5mm (app. 17 gauge)
Weight: 2100g (4.6lbs) lining included
234 EUR



Catalog NO.: HE080
234 EUR



Catalog NO.: HA015
234 EUR


Engravings as an example of the atmosphere of periods Click to window to history

Catalog NO.: HA007
Weight: 2650g
Total length: 2290mm
240 EUR

Catalog NO.: HE106
Weight: 2650g
241 EUR

One hand sword

Scabbards SC010e, SC010f, SC011e, SC011f, SC013e, SC013f    

Catalog NO.: SW022
Weight: 1385g
Length of blade: 710mm
Total length: 890mm
241 EUR

Catalog NO.: HE105
Weight: 2800g
241 EUR

Catalog NO.: DA058
Weight: 300g
Length of blade: 290mm
Total length: 410mm
241 EUR



Catalog NO.: SW023
Weight: 1400g
Length of blade: 700mm
Total length: 890mm
247 EUR