medieval quillon dagger

(13th - 14th century)

   polished fuller, leather handle, blade hardness: 48-50 HRC, blade steel: DIN 54 SiCr 6, hilt, tang: DIN Ck 55, blade width at the top: 30mm, one year guarantee for blade, data tolerance: +-3%  Scabbard-SCda001,002,003,004,

CatNo: DA005

DA005a: Total length: 380mm, Length of blade: 230mm, Weight: 484g.
DA005b: Total length: 430mm, Length of blade: 280mm, Weight: 527g.
DA005c: Total length: 520mm, Length of blade: 365mm, Weight: 588g.
DA005d: Total length: 580mm, Length of blade: 425mm, Weight: 628g.

Price without scabbard

Thickness: 5mm
Price variants: DA005a with black blade groove = 66 DA005a with polished blade groove = 76 DA005b with black blade groove = 72 DA005b with polished blade groove = 82 DA005c with black blade groove = 78 DA005c with polished blade groove = 88 DA005d with black blade groove = 84 DA005d with polished blade groove = 94
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